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Korra the dog: Inspired by Solana founder Raj Gokal friendship with Viktor Bunin, Coinbase Cloud Specialist.

About $KORRA

Who is Korra? Korra is the name of the dog owned by Viktor Bunin, one of the specialists at Coinbase. This project pays homage to him and his dog, and responds to the popular demand for dog-based narratives in the crypto space. Korra was created in response to their friendship with RAJGOKAL, the founder of Solana.

Korra is more than just a cryptocurrency, it is also a movement. We believe that Solana has the potential to change the world for the better, and we are committed to making it more inclusive and welcoming for everyone.

With Korra, we have created a revolutionary digital currency that is designed for simplicity, security, and accessibility.

Our goal is to provide a seamless crypto experience for everyone. Whether you are an experienced trader or a curious beginner, Korra is here to meet your needs and assist you in exploring the world of digital currencies.

How to Buy $KORRA

To buy $KORRA, get phantom wallet, Purchase $SOL and send it to your Phantom wallet. Then simply swap $SOL to $KORRA on Raydium.

Liquidity farming for members who are interested to see $KORRA as a long term meme coin.


🔹 DAO: Own 1% $KORRA for Revenue-Sharing investments.
🔹 Incubator: Own 0.5% $KORRA for early investment opportunities.

Big moves for big players, stabilizing & boosting #KORRA's value for ALL! 💪

Why it matters to every $KORRA holder: 🚀

🔸 Stability: Strong floor price, better market health.
🔸 Growth: Attract top crypto players, enhancing $KORRA's value.
🔸 Opportunity: A ladder to the DAO for ambitious holders.


Features of $KORRA








CA: t5cSTUSZzUAQXQKzQvhieFG4Hz4xC23z9du1Chp8gES




10,019,021 (10%)

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Why choose $KORRA?

Korra is a viral narrative based on RAJ GOKAL'S tweet and picture. Raj holding $KORRA while Viktor holding $MYRO.

Korra will be more than just a memecoin, featuring several unique use cases and utilities that are beneficial to the long term growth of the Solana Ecosystem.

The Korra movement is like no other on the Solana blockchain, bringing dog lovers from all around the crypto space and uniting them into one.

With the Solana blockchain and coin making a huge return over the last few months, it’s time for Korra to come in and set the stardard for memecoins on Solana. There's a new dog in town.

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